Before ATL became the mecca for artist like Future, Ciara, Usher and so many more. There was a trio of guys who if they produced your song. You had a guaranteed classic. Organized Noize was a group that was known for producing plenty of hits and discovering Outkast. They were also the producers behind one of TLC's most memorable hits Waterfall".


While the singer in the group Sleepy Brown has had a little success on the solo tip. The conglomerate of the guys together haven't had much music lately. Well one of my favorite segments from Mass Appeal is Rhythm Roulette. This is when they pull up producer and place them in a lab with a few obscure records and let them do their magic. Check out Organized Noize doing their thing in the studio.


I get a serious rush when I see these sessions, because it shows these talented guys in rare form doing what they love to do. I hope for the sake of music that these guys will get back together with Outkast and drop some more heat from the Dungeon Studios soon.

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