O.T. Genasis is about to get paid $20,000 for a show... which he's not even performing at. According to TMZ, the "Cut It" rapper has landed a $20K deal to have his hologram hit the stage at Heat Ultra Lounge in Orange County, California.

The 29-year-old MC made the deal with Vassar Benford, who owns the Benford hologram series in 4-D. The virtual O.T. Genasis is slated to perform five songs at the nightclub on Feb. 18, and the real Genasis will get paid $10,000 up front, and $10,000 after the show. While the hologram is on stage in California, O.T. is going to be chillin' and counting his stacks in Chicago.

The future is now, and O.T. Genasis is taking advantage of the latest and greatest technology the world has to offer. Below, you can watch a preview of what O.T. Genasis' hologram will look like at Heat Ultra Lounge. The performance is undoubtedly dope, but a bit eery all the same.

Of course, we've seen hologram performances before. Most notably, the late Tupac Shakur got his own hologram at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival back in 2012.

More recently, in April 2016, it was confirmed that a Notorious B.I.G. hologram is on its way. At the time, Biggie's mother said, "I am very pleased to announce that the estate of my son Christopher Wallace – also known to the world as Biggie or Notorious B.I.G – we have partnered with ARHT Media, a technology company, to create a Humagram of Christopher’s image, body and movements."

As aforementioned, you can peep O.T.'s hologram in action below.

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