It's been a few months so I am sure Mother Nature checked her watched and decided it was time to punch Louisiana in the face one more time. While we are still recovering from last year's flooding the fury of nature again wreaked havoc on our state. This time in the form of high winds, heavy rain, and numerous tornadoes.

Thank God we don’t have any reports of any deaths. We do have, however, a couple of dozen individuals who suffered minor injuries, but there are five or six more serious injuries.

Those observations on Tuesday's storms were made by New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu. In his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network, the mayor was referring to storm damage that occurred in New Orleans East.

As is the custom in Louisiana we are not ones to sit on our backsides and whine.

The people of New Orleans and the people of Louisiana are resilient and tough. We’ve been through many, many, many things together, and we’ll get through this one as we always have with prayers and with hard work and lifting each other up.

Governor John Bel Edwards and other state officials toured storm-damaged areas of the state late Tuesday. Estimates suggest that many residents in the affected areas will be without power for at least another day, maybe even longer.

After his tour of the damage, Governor Edwards declared a state of emergency for those parishes where the most substantial damage occurred. He ordered local law enforcement and members of the Louisiana National Guard to assist in security and other duties to protect the lives and property of the citizens of our state that were affected by the storms.


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