For a while is looking like nothing was going to stop Shawty Lo's new reality show "All My Babies Mamas" from airing this Spring.  That is until a Atlanta resident got involved and launched an online petition.

Shawty Lo reality show "All My Babies Mama's"-youtube

As previously reported D-4L founder and rapper Shawty Lo landed a reality show deal with the Oxygen Network that was going showcase his extremely unusual family situation.  Where he currently lives with his 19-year old girlfriend, several of his 10 baby mama's and several of his 11 children ALL under on roof.  It's sad, but true.  Find out what the Atl resident did to stop the show and what Oxygen had to say about reconsidering.  It's all below with Tha Wire.

Meanwhile, Common is taking the phrase "hard working" to another level.  The rap icon/actor has one of the busiest schedules in Hollywood these days.  For starters he stars in the new movie "Luv", which arrives in theaters this Friday.

That's not all!  Common is dropping his first-ever mixtape this year.  Here he is with Jimmy Fallen to talk about what he has planned for this year.


It's going down this year for Common. Listen to Tha Wire to learn more. Speaking of which, in more news So So Def is 20 years old and Jermaine Dupri is pulling out all the stops on an all-star concert next month in Atlanta.  The label boasted a crazy artist line-up, like Young Money is now, So So Def had it going on.  Da Brat was at the height was knocking out hits left and right.  Then there was Jagged Edge, Buncrusher, Bow Wow, Kris Cross and more all shelling out monster singles and albums as well.

Find out how JD plans to commemorate the labels anniversary and get tickets and location details on the up coming all-star concert now.  Press play to get all of today's entertainment news now with Tha Wire.