Iconic Atlanta rapper Pastor Troy sat down with the Breakfast Club, and discussed the Crunk Music era, as well as his earlier beef’s with Master P, and Lil Jon.

The “Vica Versa” rapper also discussed where hip-hop is now, and his first hand accounts of how hard is was for a southern artist to get his music played in places like New York prior to the early 2000’s, and now years later walking into the offices of the Breakfast Club and hearing Rich Homie Quan’s music playing. He say’s many people don’t understand with it took for that to happen today. He also weighs in on the newer Atlanta rappers like OG Maco, Future, and more.

To find out what else the Pastor Troy a.k.a. the "Down South Georgia Boy,” has been up to and what he’s working on, watch the full interview above.

Check out some classic Pastor Troy songs below. [NSFW]

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