Paul Wall stays true to his H-Town roots of “riding slab,” in his latest video for “Han Solo on 4’s.” The Houston rapper takes it back to the “Still Tippin” days as he cruises the streets of Houston in his candy coated Cadillac sitting on those famous poked out wheels we call “swangas,” on the Gulf Coast.

“Han’s Solo on 4’s” is another certified anthem for you to listen to when you’re cruising the streets in your ride.

The Houston car culture is something many don’t understand, and over the years has made it’s way into other parts of Texas, and into Louisiana. Texas is like the cool older cousin to Louisiana, so it’s no surprise we’ve adopted each others culture over the years. Paul Wall is also like the Texas version of Currensy, he loves his custom cars, his music, and to partake in certain recreational activities that make time roll by with ease.

The blinged out rappers ninth solo studio album Houston Oiler is out now via iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. Paul Wall and TV Johnny also opened the the world’s largest custom grills jewelry store on Saturday, October 22, in Houston.