Whether you love them or hate them. There has always been a sort of mystique when it comes to clowns. It seemed like all of the kids wanted them for their parties and who didn't like The Bozo Show back in the day?

But it was always something that had you wondering what was behind all of the makeup. The trailer that I just ran across called "Clown" is on another level. It's already something since it is from the warped mind of actor and director Eli Roth, but this is a movie that may change your mind about clowns from now on. Check out the trailer.


Clown Movie Trailer:

Yep, leave the clowns where they are. I am still trying to get over my anxiety of mardi gras dolls. Anyway since the horror movies seem to be hit and miss lately. This may be something that you may want to check out sometime soon since it is available.


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