Lake Charles was live last night as Mystikal and The Ghetto Twins came through and turned the city up at Notta's Lounge. The crowd was at attention and really vibing out to the artists from the show. It was live from beginning to end.

Go DJ Big Tyma was the player for the night and really set it off for the crowd and had them rocking in their seats and dancing as well. Chuck Slugg was the host for the evening and had the crowd moving. He was joined by Ice Doll who I had the privilege of having in the studio on Friday during my show. She performed B.B.S., Make Sweet Love and had the crowd on cue for The Ghetto Twins.

The ladies came and wrecked the house and everyone I was looking at knew the words from the beginning to the end. They made way for the Prince Of The South and Mystikal came through and drove it on home.

Mystikal did all of our favorites from The Man Rite Chea, Danger, and more. Both of the acts stuck around and took photos with the fans, but the show was something to talk about for sure. It was also the last night of entertainment at Notta's Lounge. The spot will definitely be missed, and I want to give a shout out to Raynotta, Andrea, and all of the great people over there for all of the love that they've shown to me over the past year.

Peep out some of my photos from the show and be on the lookout for the next Soulful Saturday event.

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