I've heard of some things in my lifetime but keeping an alligator as an emotional support animal takes the cake. A York Haven, Pennsylvania man says his gator helps him deal with his depression rather than taking medication for depression, and get this, it's registered and approved by his doctor.

The 5-foot-long alligator's name is Wally and he likes to "snuggle and give hugs" says 65-year-old Joie Henney. Wally lives in an indoor plastic pond in Henney's living room along with a smaller alligator named Scrappy. Both gators were rescued.

Luckily, Henney is not a complete Couyon, as he acknowledges Wally "is still a dangerous animal". Everyone in the Bayou state knows what happens when you put things near a gators mouth. Goodbye fingers, arms, toes, and whatever else you're ok with living without.

[Source: Philly.com, via Huff Post]

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