Here are a few photos from the corner of Mill and Cherry Street, and 3rd Avenue and 8th Street. The drainage issue in Lake Charles just seems to get worse each time it rains. The city needs to concentrate more on getting the drainage issue fixed if they intend on seeing the City of Lake Charles grow in the way they anticipate over the next decade. But what do I know, eh?

On Wednesday, May 3, 2017, I was alerted that a family friend was stranded in her vehicle near 3rd Avenue and 8th Street. Along with my mother and father and my rain boots in tow we sat out to retrieve her from her blunder. Why she didn’t remain home with inclement weather pounding down on the city is beyond me, but you don’t question your loved ones until the dilemma is solved and everyone is safe at home.

My father and I made the less than quarter of a mile walk from higher ground to get her back home until her stranded vehicle can be towed home when the waters recede. Honestly, it wasn’t that long of a walk, but when your socks are completely drenched in water it feels like eternity. My rain boots weren’t enough, so I’ll be investing in a pair of wader boots.

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