Lindsay Lohan is obviously tired of people makin fun of her and it looks like she's gonna start making people "pay" for taunting her.  Speaking of which, she's hoping to make an example out of rapper Pitbull.  We'll see how far she gets with this one, beings that tons of people have been making her the "bub" of their jokes for years.  Pitbull doesn't look like he's gonna take this laying down and issued an official response.  Find out what he had to say and what he plans on doing now.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is gearing up to come out of "mommy retirement" by spending 3 days in Atlantic City at a brand new casino.  Tickets go on sale soon.  Of course this will be Bey's first big performance since having Blue Ivy, so this is a huge moment for her.  Find out all the goods now, press play to hear Tha Wire now.

By the way, this is making out to be a huge year for Nicki Minaj.  She'll drop her sophomore album in April, hit the road in Europe next month, plus she just struck gold with Pepsi.  The soft drink giant just inked a deal with the Cash Money femcee with a pretty penny.

Finally, Sean Kingston has just been hit with a lawsuit from an angry female fan, who's accusing him of beating her up!  Talk about drama.  Get it all right now, press play for Tha Wire: 


PMI Mortgage has filed a lawsuit against Keith Sweat, claiming he defaulted on a $450,000 house note on his Detroit home.  Sweat bought the home in 2004 and somewhere down the line got behind on payments, which led to a foreclosure.

According to reports, the company foreclosed on his house and then sold it.  Ironically, the house was under water when it was sold!  Keith's home was bought for $200,000, a fraction of the original cost, so to make it simple the mortgage company wants the rest of their money.

They obviously mean business, because they not only filed suit, they've also put a lien on his Atlanta home until he pays up.