According to WSHH, police in California confiscated more than 1,200 firearms and 7 tons of ammunition from the garage of a home of a deceased man. The man’s body was found decomposing in a parked SUV in front of the home, his body reportedly there for possibly two weeks.

Many if not all of the firearms found in the Pacific Palisades home had never been fired, and some still had price tags attached to them.  The question now is, what he an arms dealer or someone who just loved guns? There was also over $200,000 cash found in the home as well.

The deceased man’s wife is now saying she was directed to help her husband into the SUV before he died and covered him with a blanket. He then allegedly directed her to leave him there and that “his people” would take care of it from there. She was led to believe for years that her husband worked for the federal government. Interesting, right?

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