It's safe to say we're in strange times when it comes to the relations between the public and our law enforcement officers. The first thing that we can all agree on is that both sides have to stay calm in a traffic stop situation.

The Lake Charles Police Department teamed up with students from Lake Charles-Boston Academy to create a video that addresses the issue.

The goal of this informational video is to educate as many local civic groups, students, neighborhood watch groups, pastors, and the general public.  This video allows the general public to be well educated on proper etiquette that should be used when stopped by an officer. It also provides tips (i.e., having a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance) readily available to speed up the process. It answers some common questions such as whether or not law enforcement can request an individual to exit their vehicle, as well as being cautious in regard to sudden moves. -- LCPD Press Release

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