While I have never wanted to be in law enforcement. I have friends who are officers and about 4 family members who either are currently active or retired. That's why when I see what's going on around the world with some of these new age officers it disappoints me. What people don't realize is that some of those police officers are just as afraid as we are when we are approched. I am sure there is alot of adrenaline pumping and that's generally when things go wrong.

All we can do is pray and hope that things will get better, although I am sure there are those who have a different mindset. I would hope that things can be done without violence, but it's gonna take a little more work for me to believe that it can be. However I ran across this video and it showed another side of police officers. While I never caught the entire video, it shows a female officer in a dance off. Check out the video of a situation where there is not drama, just fun.

The funny thing about the video is the girl claiming victory and the officer stating you kidding me, as if she wanted a little more of the battle. There are some good folks who work as law enforcement who truly believe in protecting and serving. It's just a few who are really pushing the boundaries and losing respect from their peers as well as their communities.

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