Footage of Tulsa police fatally shooting an unarmed man on Friday (9/16) as he approached his SUV with his hands raised is going viral.

Video from the dash cam of a police cruiser shows Terence Crutcher, 40, walking slowly toward his vehicle, which authorities say was abandoned in the middle of the street. An officer is seen following Crutcher with a gun drawn on him while both of his hands are up in the air.

More officers appear as the man lowers his hands near his SUV and then he is seen immediately dropping to the ground. Soon, blood begins soaking his white shirt indicating that he had been shot.

Footage from a chopper shows the incident from a different angle.

During a news conference yesterday (9/19), Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan reported that Officer Tyler Turnbough tasered Crutcher who was then shot by a second officer, Betty Shelby, after she told a dispatcher that she wasn't "having cooperation" from him.

No weapon was found on Crutcher or in his SUV. Chief Jordan called the footage "disturbing" and said the case is being reviewed by the Justice Department per his request.

I will make this promise to you, we will achieve justice.

A family attorney spoke out on Monday, claiming that Crutcher was only having problems with his SUV before being shot to death.

They treated him like a criminal. They treated him like a suspect. They did not treat him like somebody in distress who needed help. Instead of giving him a hand, they gave him bullets.

Crutcher's twin sister, Tiffany, described him as a good father and a brother who was enrolled in Tulsa Community College and loved to sing at church. She criticized one of the officers in footage taken from a chopper who described her brother as "a big bad dude."

That big bad dude — his life mattered

Shelby has been placed on routine administrative leave with pay while the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher is the latest incident of its kind to fuel the ongoing outrage and debate over police and their use of force—particularly when it comes to African-Americans.

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