Popeye's - Getty Images
Popeye's - Getty Images

Nobody's more excited about the 2019 NBA Draft than the New Orleans Pelicans, where they're expected to draft first overall pick Zion Williamson. That's not all...as Williamson walks on the court A.D. has finally got his walkin' papers and his headed to meet LeBron James and the LA Lakers. Who did this trade help the most? USA Today reports the deal in more details below.

The trade couldn't come soon enough for Anthony Davis, and CBS Sports reports the Lakers are hoping the duo will make a terrifying match-up for any team to defeat. The Pelicans/Lakers trade deal has a lot of people talking because it's not only confusing, but there's a lot at stake. Now comes word the Lakers want to try an rework the deal, but it may be to late. For now it appears Davis got what he wanted, and we'll see soon enough if this trade will benefit the Lakers in the near future. However, they got their work cut out for them because they only have three players on the roster right now.


According to CBS Sports the Lakers will give the Pelicans the No. 4 pick in tomorrow's draft, a top-eight protected 2021 first-round pick (whom will be unprotected in 2022), get first-round swap rights in 2023 and a 2024 first-round pick (which New Orleans can actually defer to 2025). WTH?!

Either way it goes, New Orleans is lit over Zion Williamson becoming a Pelican and HotNewHipHop reports Popeye's is even getting in on the celebration. The iconic chicken restaurant in marking the occasion by selling gigantic 82-inch wingspan box paying homage to Zion's unbelievable wingspan! The special box will include 77 boneless wings, 11 servings of Cajun fries and 11 biscuits! This huge draft day order comes with a price tag of $74.69, which isn't to bad if you split the contents by about 5 to 6 people. Besides that's about $12 a piece and will make for a delicious draft viewing experience. That is... if you live in New Orleans.

Yeah, that's the bad news for everyone else. Popeye's is only going to be selling this monstrous wingspan box on Draft Day and exclusively at their Canal Street restaurant in New Orleans. Oh well. It's still a good idea, and just in case you were wondering what all this food in one box would look like? Peep the video below:

Who is Zion Williamson? What's all the hype about? Here's more details about Zion Williamson. Enjoy!

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