To say life has been rough for James St. Patrick would be an understatement, but he's definitely learning how to cope.

Last week, things ended with James' identity as Ghost lingering over his head after mob boss Tony Teresi discovered information about his ties to the streets. By Teresi's demands, Ghost thought he was about to be indebted to another hot shot hustler indefinitely - in the amount of $20K per week - but that quickly came to a halt after week one, thanks to Tommy.

If you remember, Teresi requested Tommy Egan deliver his weekly pay out to his wife Connie's house in Queens. Completely confused as to how his name is being dragged into things, Tommy collects the money and makes the drop to one Teresi's associates on the outside - but not before asking about the murder of a man named Saletti. Tommy's always been one to pick up on other people's body language, so it didn't take long for him to know he struck a nerve by poking around information related to Saletti's death.

What does any of this have to do with the storyline at hand?

When Tommy reads the uneasiness in Teresi's associate at the mention of a certain slain man's name, that gave Tommy all the information he needed to help Ghost put Tony Teresi (and his demands) in check. Thus, James doesn't owe any man other than himself - just the way he likes it. And did we mention Proctor managed to get the gun found at Truth thrown out? It looks like Ghost might finally have something to look forward to. Too bad he doesn't see it that way because the prosecution was able to convince the judge that Proctor is working under a clear conflict of interest by representing both James and Tommy. So Proctor is no longer St. Patrick's legal attorney. And who's is stuck with? Terry Silver. The smug lawyer who's convinced his client is guilty.

Meanwhile, across the city, before Proctor gets thrown off of Ghost's case, Proctor meets with the Homeland Security agent who's been walking around with proof that Tommy Egan killed Ruiz and that Tommy Egan isn't Ghost. Tommy, who was hiding in Proctor's back room during the meeting, freaks out when he hears the agent tell Proctor that he needs to get Ghost to flip on him if he wants to get his client a lesser sentence and stabs him three times - once in the back, once in the stomach and once in the chest. Obviously, Tommy's lost it.

Last week he ran over Domingo for disrespecting his new found organization, and now this. There's no telling what's next.

Then there's Keisha, who's need to be needy is getting frustrating. She wants everything Tasha has, even her friendship with Tommy, which we all know Keisha has surpassed at this point, and quite frankly it's becoming a bit annoying to watch. We want Keisha to be happy, but come on! She's got to stop comparing her life and what she has to Tasha. To make things worse for Keisha, her shop gets ceased by the FBI after all of James and Tasha's assets are frozen (and technically, Tasha owns Keisha's shop).

As far as the children on the show go, it's safe to say all (or a large majority of) viewers watching Power believe Tariq needs a good old fashion ass whooping because his actions and attitude are starting to imitate those of a young Tommy. He's running around with Slim, robbing his friends' houses, lying to his mom, cursing out Reina and skipping school. Everyone watching the show should be saying "just wait until Ghost gets home, Tariq. Just wait."

Finally, there's Angela. She's been doing everything in her legal power to turn Tasha against Jamie and make her testify against him in court. But Tasha's loyal, and she doesn't believe her husband would ever kill a cop. But Angie's tune changes before the final credits roll after she gets an unexpected visit from Proctor who informs her that the gun was thrown out and tries to convince her it was never his to begin with, which it wasn't. As a result, she decides to review the security footage from Truth, and realizes that James in fact didn't hide the gun, which (we know) could very well mean he didn't commit the crime.

In Angie's words: "Holy s---!"

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