Spoiler alert to those who haven't jumped into Power Season Four just yet, but if you have been following the new season, then it’s no secret that Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and LaKeisha (La La Anthony) have a thang going on. The first major plot twist of Season Four put co-stars Anthony and Sikora onscreen together in some hot and heavy scenes, and Anthony admits it was something she was unsure about.

Well--that's putting it mildly.

“It was terrifying,” La La told The Boombox. “Anytime you gotta take your clothes off [on camera] it’s a terrifying thing. What’s even more terrifying and what people don’t know is that … we haven’t seen the episodes. So I’m asking everyone, ‘How was it? How did it look?’ To watch yourself as the world watches you--that’s scary.

“Thankfully Joe and I have the most amazing relationship because it’s very hard to do those [types of] scenes with someone that you don’t have a great relationship with,” says La La. “[Joe] actually saw [a scene] and he said he’s so proud of the work that we did and that means the most to me when a fellow actor says how great you were in a scene or how great it was working with you – that’s like the biggest compliment ever.”

Fans were undoubtedly shocked to see Keisha and Tommy get together, but La La understands Keisha's motivations--misguided though they may be.

“I think [getting with Tommy] is Keisha’s way of saying, ‘I wanna be in this world so bad, [that] I don’t care who it is, I’m going to make sure I’m a part of whatever’s going on. But that also comes with a price.”

Guess we’ll have to keep watching.

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