Lady Luck is a frequent guest in Louisiana. No, sometimes she doesn't show up in time to prevent the NFL refs from blowing a call during a Saints game but she has certainly been showing up quite regularly for fans of the multi-state lottery game Powerball. 

Powerball Jackpot Expected To Reach A Whopping Record-Breaking 1.5 Billion Dollars
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Of course, the "Lady" doesn't limit her powers to just the Powerball. It was just two weeks ago she smiled at a Mega Millions player who purchased a ticket in Rayne. That ticket was worth $30,000. Congratulations to the lucky player that claimed that jackpot.

But last night the lottery world was focused on Powerball and while there was no single ticket sold across the game's footprint that matched all the numbers necessary to claim the game's top prize of $167 million. There were some big money tickets sold.

Powerball has announced that a million-dollar winner was sold in Pennsylvania for last night's drawing and here in Louisiana, lottery officials say a ticket sold for the March 23rd drawing is worth $50,000 this morning.

The numbers that were pulled for the March 23, 2022 drawing were:

31   32   37   38   48   Powerball 24 and Powerplay x2.

According to the Big Wins in Louisiana Page at the Louisiana Lottery Website a ticket that matched four of the five white-ball numbers was sold at Love's Travel Stop #720. That store is located in Boyce Louisiana on US Highway 1.

Google Maps/Goggle Streetview
Google Maps/Goggle Streetview

While the $50,000 winner was the big single prize for tickets sold in Louisiana for last night's drawing it certainly wasn't the only big money prize winner. The Lousiana Lottery says that seven tickets sold for last night's game are worth $200 this morning and another eight tickets are worth $100. So even if you can't claim the $50,000 prize it would still be a good idea to check your tickets.

Speaking of Powerball prizes from tickets sold in Louisiana, there is a $50,000 prize that is set to expire in a week for the Powerball drawing from October 2nd of last year. That ticket was sold at a Circle K store in Slidell. So, if you recall stopping at a Circle K in Slidell last October, dang your memory is good, and darn you better go check your pockets or purse to see if you bought that ticket. You only have seven days left to claim your cash if you did.

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Powerball game officials say the estimated top prize for Saturday's drawing will be at least $181 million. The Mega Millions top prize for Friday night's drawing will be an estimated $50 million. Good luck if you choose to play and if you do choose to purchase lottery tickets please play responsibly.

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