These seemingly gutsy Youtube pranks are going to get someone seriously hurt one day, or even worse, killed. Some things just aren't that funny, especially when it's your home being threatened to be 'wrecked'. Things almost went completely wrong for one Youtube prankster, who at some point picked the wrong Florida neighborhood for his impractical 'joke.'

I went to the most crime infested area in FL you can call it the Hood and told them that the state has issued a notice eminent domain to take down their houses to build random stuff and offered them low money and said it's mandatory lol.

This was a risky one, but thankfully most people were good sports. - Slusho

I grew up in a 'crime infested area,' as he put's it in the above quote. Let's just say I am not amused by his 'joke' or 'prank.' How about he goes and try's that in a less 'crime infested area' and see if they don't call the police on his insensitive a**… Yes, I'm a little ticked off by this video, obviously… Just thought I'd share it regardless. Maybe you feel differently. What do you think?