Jimmy Kimmel is definitely in the top 5 for late night television host. He is known for keeping it real and sometimes showing different sides of some of our favorite celebrities on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He recently had President Barack Obama on the show for his Mean Tweets segments where celebrities read some of the meanest and sometimes most disrespectful tweets that are written about them. This is the second time that President Obama has been on this segment and while there are some truly sad people out there. President Obama is by far the coolest president that we have ever had and takes it on the chin unlike others in the limelight. Check out the clip below.


Mean Tweets With President Obama:

And the President drops mic. As I always say everyone is going to have different opinions about President Obama, but as a man who is doing his job and has been rightfully placed in position we should respect him. Unfortunately there won't be alot of respect given and it seems as if President Obama has come to accept that.

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