Tidal streaming could be taking a hit as Jay Z’s Roc Nation is being sued by Prince’s estate for copyright infringement.

According to AllHipHop, before Prince died the late singer allegedly granted Tidal the exclusive steaming rights, but in a lawsuit filed by his estate it claims the agreement was only for a 90-day period for the late singers 2015 album HITNRUN Phase One.

Since the "Purple Rain” singers death in April, Tidal is the only platform streaming his music. Prince’s estate claims no one from Roc Nation has attempted to reach out since Prince’s passing.

Roc Nation has since reportedly filed a petition claiming there was an oral an written agreement between Prince and their company.

The late singer was a staunch supporter of Tidal and went as far as to remove his entire music catalog from iTunes, Google Play, and other streaming services back in 2015.

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