Rhythm Roulette is back and this time they have hooked up with Canadian producer Drae Lawson. When I first saw this clip, I felt sorry for him because he actually picked out a few duds. When you get three records blindfolded, that's the chance that you take, but man.

Anyway he made lemonade out of lemons when he created something that I could honestly hear Drake rapping on. The sample gave the track a hard edge to it and the finished product came out to be something that worked. Check out the clip below from what Drae created.

Rhythm Roulette with Drae Lawson:


If you want to get a little more information about Drae Lawson, you can always catch up with him on social media and see what he is working on. Also if you're a serious artist, you may be able to get a nice beat from his catalog.

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