The first time I heard of Wondagurl was back on "Crown" which was off of the highly anticipated Jay-Z album, "Magna Carta Holy Grail". She is from Canada, so it's only right that she would also work with Boi-1Da, who is known for crafting out hits by Drake and others.

She also worked a lot with Travis Scott, co-produced "Antidote", and is currently working with other producers and artist to kick off the new year. She is finally doing her thing in the studio with Rhythm Roulette, and she also has the pleasure of picking three songs and making a hit. Check out the video below of the 19-year-old phenomenon.

It's great to see the game show love to all races, cultures and, of course, genders. I think Wondagurl is well on her way and should not be slept on from what she can offer the artists looking for a little different style and sound.

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