In a press conference today, Governor John Bel Edwards officially announced the closure of all K-12 public schools for the remainder of the school year, but what does this mean for students?

As expected, Edwards stressed that "learning is still happening" even though students will not be attending in-person classes. He stated that he wants every student in the state to continue to learn before school starts back up in August.

Concerning what happens now, students' learning levels will be assessed over the next six weeks, but the state is neither requiring students to repeat their current grade nor be automatically promoted to the next grade. Instead, they are leaving these decisions up to local school districts. However, the state will not be recommending pass/fail situations.

For graduating seniors, the governor apologized but stressed the necessity of closures for public health during this crisis. He said that he will make sure seniors are properly congratulated, but was unable to provide further details at this time.

Details were not provided with regard to the assessment procedure or requirements. The state will be providing guidance to local school systems tomorrow, but it was unclear what that guidance will be.

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