Last Thursday (Oct. 25), Migos rocked the stage at Power 105.1's 2017 Powerhouse concert. The show was easily enough to make the night an action-packed one, but things got even crazier later on. According to the folks at TMZ, Quavo and Offset both got into a scuffle with a man outside of their New York City hotel that same night.

In a video from the scene, we see the two rappers lunge at a massive man after he allegedly attacked two others. It appears the man might have attacked people in Migos' entourage, hence Offset and Quavo's violent reaction.

Both rappers throw some pretty quick punches, but the huge dude is a bit too agile for the attacks, easily ducking one before simply absorbing another. A few moments later, more join in the assault before the video cuts off. The outcome of the incident is unclear, but NYC law enforcement tells TMZ neither Offset nor Quavo contacted them afterwards. We're betting those two managed just fine.

While it's never all that cool to get into a random brawl, things have been going pretty well for Migos otherwise, especially Offset. Last week, the rapper proposed to his girlfriend Cardi B, and, of course, she said yes. Sounds like a win to us.

Check out Quavo and Offset's street fight in the video below.

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