A lawsuit claims two Caucasian employees were fired from "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" because The Roots frontman Questlove used his power to have NBC fire them following an incident on set.

According to TheBlast, the two former employees, Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino, are suing Quest and NBC for $2 million ($1 million each) and citing racism as the reason for their termination.

Decker and Cimino, who were both cameramen, "claimed they received an unsolicited, racist, misogynistic text sent from a stagehand on the set." There was a third man who received the text message, Roots bassist Mark Kelley, but he wasn't fired. They allege it was because he was black. The two men reportedly complained to a manager of The Roots' and a producer of the show and were later fired.

Seems the two gentlemen also allege Questlove has a lot of power and "pressured NBC to fire all of the Caucasian employees involved in the incident."


Questlove has yet to respond to the allegations.

[Read More: The Blast]

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