There's no doubt about it, we are in some trying times right now. The entire globe has been and continues to be gripped by the coronavirus. Despite those who are in utter denial, the virus is very real and very deadly. Hopefully, a vaccine can be developed in the very near future and we can all claim immunity against the greatest health pandemic of the modern era.

The COVID-19 virus is new, but the epidemic of hatred and bigotry has once again come to the forefront. This hatred has embedded itself into human civilization since the beginning of time. Hate is a choice and frankly, most of the world has had enough. Racism has been wreaking havoc on humanity long enough and people are fed up. As America and the rest of the world fights off the coronavirus, we are also shedding ourselves of hatred.

Something is happening. People are taking a stand against white supremacy and bigotry. They are taking to the streets demanding an end to police brutality, corporate America is joining the cause of Black Lives Matter, and the world is stripping monuments and statues of those who perpetuated racism and fought to divide us. Enough! We are stronger together. Below, see how people worldwide are uniting against hatred and calling for change.

Sign of the Times: The World Unites Against Hatred

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