Today in Tha Wire R. Kelly is back in the news, but it ain't "Good News." This is some real life Down Low stuff. Jesus take the wheel!!!!  The R&B legend is supposedly being sued for damages, after giving a Mississippi deputy's wife an STD!?!?!?  WTF?  According to Fox News, the Pied Piper has allegedly been knockin the boots with a married woman since 2012.

Story goes....prior to her marriage, Asia Childress, and the singer where 'homie lover friends' from back in the day.  She would go on to marry, Hinds County Deputy Kenny Bryant in 2012, but allegedly rekindled her "buddyship" with Kells after meetin' up with him at a concert... THAT SAME YEAR.  Evidently the two have been kickin it, off-and-on ever since then.  Fox reports Childress went as far as convincing her husband to move to Atlanta to further her career.

It worked!  The former Sheriff's deputy claims in legal docs he agreed to move.  However it was obviously a very bad idea, for more reasons than one.  Not only did the move hurt him financially, but Bryant says he believes his wife wanted to relocate to continue her relationship with the singer.  Recently his wife confessed to having an the affair!  It's not clear if she was forced too or not, but coming down with chlamydia may have played a role in her sudden need to keep it real.  Taking a wild guess, Bryant might have contracted the nasty STD from his wifey, and that's why she fessed up.  Who knows...

Either way the gig is up.  Bryant is pissed, and now suing Kells for ruining his life and his marriage.  Legal docs reveal he's suing for damages, claiming to have suffered, "emotional, psychological and financial loss," because of the affair.  Bryant claims he never found a decent job, after the Mississippi Sheriff's Department and because of that he never recovered financially.  What a mess!

Kelly's camp has been quiet on the matter so far.  Don't worry I'll keep you posted on this ignorant story, should anything change.  If nothing else, once this blows over, Kells has some new material to pick up, where he left off with his Trapped In The Closet Hip Hopera. Tune into Tha Wire every weekday and only on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

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