The suspense is building for R. Kelly's new "Trapped In The Closet" episodes.  According to Kells they'll be an additional 17-18 chapters coming and all of them accompanied by a video!  Speaking of videos see chapters 1-22 with a sneak preview of 23 right here!

Trapped In The Closet-youtube

With the new installments, R. Kelly will be steppin into the role of two new characters, Dr. Perry, "a therapist at Rufus and Cathy's church.  Dr. Perry will be guiding them through marriage counseling, while the other character "Beeno", "a powerful underworld kingpin will be on a seek and destroy mission.

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With the new chapters, they'll be a ton of twists and turns and cliff hangers at the end of each episode.  R. Kelly promises the drama will continue with juicy plots centered around "a cast of characters interconnected by sexual exploits, quarreling lovers, and get this.......a mysterious package.

In the video below, Kells is getting transformed into the character Randolph and explains what people can expect in the new Trapped, plus admits a lot of the characters are based on some of his real life family and friends.


It don't get any juicier than that!  But then again, I guess it will.  Tune in as the saga and drama continues with the new Trapped In The Closet chapters Black Friday!!!  While we wait, here's a Trapped Chapter 23 preview!