R. Kelly's recent attempt to get out of prison was shot down. The former R&B star claims he is terrified that he could contract COVID-19 in prison and wants an emergency bail. AllHipHop News reports his lawyer, Steve Greenberg, went to bat for the Pied Piper, citing the lack of soap in prison makes it extremely difficult to maintain good hygiene.

Last week, Kells and his attorneys filed papers asking the judge for release from MCC prison in Chicago, citing the following: that it was impossible to practice social distancing, that the singer is already at high risk of catching the coronavirus because of his age (53) and the fact that he just had hernia surgery. Greenberg requested that R. Kelly be allowed to stay at an apartment with one of his girlfriends until the threat was over.

Unfortunately for Kells, the judge and Feds ain't tryin' to hear it. United States Attorney, Richard P. Donoghue, alleged there's enough soap to go around, and there are no coronavirus cases at the prison. However, it's unclear if Donoghue could produce test results to substantiate his claim. He went on to accuse R. Kelly of using the global pandemic as a distraction to disappear if he was released. Donoghue added, "The defendant continues to pose both a flight risk and a serious risk of obstruction. His motion for emergency bail, based primarily on the generalized risks from COVID-19 and circumstances that are hardly unique to him, do not overcome the risks he poses if released."

The state attorney also pushed back on the soap shortage claims, saying, "MCC Chicago has also made it clear that the defendant continues to have access to soap and cleaning supplies at no cost. He may purchase additional soap from the commissary if he chooses." With that, Kells' plea for emergency release was denied.

It's cold-blooded. Prison is the last place anyone would want to be with a highly infectious disease. Praying for the wellness of all men and women locked-up right now.

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