Joyner Lucas has been around for a minute, but he's relatively new on the national music scene. The 29-year lyricist from Massachusetts is making a name for himself, by putting out amazingly shocking, thought-provoking music, with the gripping videos to match. His music is as real as it gets, for some possibly to real. As detailed on Billboard, this guy is no ordinary rapper. One things for sure, people are taking notice, and he's gaining some respect from rap's biggest artists.

The Worcester MC's been grindin musically since 2007, and released several mixtapes along the way. However, he didn't get a record deal till 2016. Now signed to Atlantic Lucas dropped his first major label mixtape, 508-507-2209, in June. It's epic, and he's just getting started. The impressive project features 16 captivating tracks, that put his razor-sharp storytellin' skillz on display. As reported on DJbooth, there's definitely some Standout joints on Joyner's debut album. For me among to best include: "Winter Blues," "Ultrasound," "Forever," and "Just Like You." Each track offering chilling accounts of relatable life experiences, complete with extremely vivid music videos he becoming known for.

Lucas is Common, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, with a dash of Pac and Biggie, all ball into one socially conscious, firebreathing artist, with a lot whole lot to say! Recently Joyner Lucas took on the elephant in the room, RACISM. Incredibly the talented rapper tells the age-old story in a way never heard before. Giving two very different views of mankind's greatest divider, his new single “I’m Not Racist,” is simply genius. Hear and see the amazing single, and very real video below!

Joyner Lucas has a no-holds-barred way of getting his point across, that's for sure. He's gritty, blunt, but surprisingly refreshing. This cat's message is worth hearing. I look forward to hearing more from this fantastic artist! For the latest in entertainment, get the scope with Tha Wire and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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