New Orleans bred rapper 3D Na'Tee is fierce when she steps to the mic, and no, not for a female. She's proving to be one of the hottest to spit a 16, point blank, period. She's got skills and will probably run circles around many of your favorite MC's.

Her album The Regime was released on August 29, 2016, but this is my first time hearing "Maria." I'm not sure if it's a single, but in March of 2017, it was provided with visuals that just recently caught my attention via Facebook. The video has garnered well over 3 million views since it was released and seems to be fast paced to reaching 4 million very soon.

Maria, one of my favorite pieces from my latest album The Regime, details the friendship of two fatherless girls who’s lives are drastically affected by the quest for love in all the wrong places. Be careful who you turn your back on. Grab your copy of The Regime which features collaborations with Jhene Aiko, August Alsina and more. - Youtube


The Regime is available now via iTunes, as well as Na'Tee's latest project released on March 31, 2017, Songs that Didn't Make the Tape, Vol. 1

If you like story telling rap the way I do, then you'll love "Maria." Watch the full video above!

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