Lawyers in Lafayette, Louisiana are seeking to convince a jury that local rapper Vicious was responsible for provoking violence in the 2012 shooting death of an innocent bystander 43-year-old Ray Ryan. Ryan was shot in the back on May 18, 2012 outside of an apartment complex in Duson, Louisiana.  [Read More]

According to The Advocate, Vicious, real name Eric Johnson, 47, is not responsible for pulling the trigger that killed Ryan, but he has been charged with “inciting a riot with death,” which is technically considered an act of terrorism. The news site also went on to add that it's "an unusual charge that’s never before been prosecuted in Lafayette Parish, according to court records."

What’s odd is that law enforcement have not identified the shooter. Why is that you ask? According to Johnson, the "potential shooter" was given immunity.

Johnson who is currently incarcerated for the charges, did admit he was there to fight someone, but feels he has been wrongfully accused and maintains his innocence in the shooting death of Ryan.

With under twelve minutes to talk I let Vicious do most of the talking during the interview, because he had so much he wanted to clarify to fans and anyone following the case. Listen to the recorded phone interview below as he explained from prison the details of his impending trial with Big Boy Chill.


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