I love to try to show love to the locals in the area that's doing things. This includes artist, promoters and now clothing designers. Derrick Thornton is a native of Lake Charles and what started off as a keen eye for positive branding is turning into an empire with fresh gear for all to enjoy.


The company is called Accidental Genius and the ceo Derrick Thornton started the company about three years ago and has serviced people from Paris and all parts in between. I invited him to come on the show and talk about his brand and how he got started with the clothing line that has now turned into home decor and more.


Erik Tee Interviews Derrick Thornton inside The Afternoon Jumpoff:




It's always great to see things like this happen for Lake Charles. We already have some of the best food in the state. The music here is very well cultured from Chris Ardoin and Sean Ardoin to some of the hottest artist in the streets like 337 Mafia, X- Mob and so many more. Of course you have the best station in the world here as well, so now clothing is apart of that as well. Make sure you support the homie and be checking back as we will keep you in the loop on the release of the book and more from the Genius life camp.


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