Whether you like his music or not Boosie Badazz said that once you start to make a name for yourself. It's best that you move away from home and find another place to live. Unfortunately, some don't want to see you be successful or doing better than them.

Rapper and artist Young Greatness was one of those artists who tasted the sweetness of success while promoting heavily in the streets of New Orleans. I remember being down there for an award show one day and every post I passed had a poster promoting upcoming music and this is when he was still on a local base, but making waves.

Greatness was killed overnight at a Waffle House in New Orleans at the age of 34-years-old. I remember meeting him a few years ago here at the studio when he was promoting the Jazze Pha production of Moolah. The song was getting heavy rotation and really solidified his name as not only a New Orleans artist, but was placing him in the ranks amongst plenty of his peers.

It's truly sad that we are saying rest in peace to so many young artists who are trying to do better out of the circumstances that they are dealt. He was a talented individual and I am sure there will be plenty of music released in the near future. However, you can go and check out plenty of his music here.

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