When it comes to Art and Music being combined, it's the ultimate recipe for a great evening. I have been given the esteemed honor of hosting and interviewing Artist Lloyd G. Wade. He will be in Lake Charles with plenty of his art on display for the masses to come out and see some of his most creative work.

This will all take place on Saturday, September 11 at the Black Heritage Gallery 1001 Ryan Street. The event is from 5- 6 pm and I will be interviewing Lloyd as we talk about his start and the meanings behind some of his works. He hails from Monroe and has taken his galleries all over to venues in Chicago to Houston. I look forward to events like this because it gives me the chance to take them to a different element and talk about what is truly important to them in front of a group of people who may be hearing about them for the first time and could truly become lifelong fans.

Make sure you come out and meet Lloyd G. Ware and stick around to ask any follow-up questions that you may have after the event. The event is free, and a mask or face covering will be required as well. If you have more information call 337-488-0567 or check out their site at blackheritagegallery.org

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