Raven- Symone' is known from being the character Olivia and then "That's So Raven" and The Cheetah Girls. She is probably in a class of her own when it comes to being a very rich female. Unfortunately she caught flack over the weekend from a meme that she reposted on her Instagram page.

It was created by Speech who is the founder of the group Arrested Development and had a string of hits back in the day in the nineties. What's funny is that while Speech is the one who created the meme, Raven is the one who caught the flack from reposting the link. Well Charlamagne caught wind of it and kicked off this mornings show by giving her Donkey Of The Day. Check it out below.

One thing I will say is that while Raven is catching the flack for this. At the end of the day it's really making Speech's name relevant again when it comes to the entertainment industry. Only time will tell whether or not he'll capitalize on this and make something happen or continue educating on things he sees wrong with the industry.

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