Ray J just got a huge leg tattoo of his sister Brandy and people are confused about some of the details of the new ink.

On Tuesday (July 5), Ray J shared a video on his Instagram page that shows him in a tattoo session. In the clip, Ray is getting a tattoo of Brandy's face on his thigh. However, some added elements to the design have people scratching their heads. The photo shows the R&B singer tagged like a subway train in Harlem, with the words "Best Friends 4 Ever." The word "Mash" is stenciled on one of Brandy's eyelids and what looks to be her autograph is also stenciled on her cheek. The words "From Ray With Love" are written on Brandy's face. Her eyes are bright fuchsia, giving the appearance of being blood-shot.

Ray J captioned the video, which is scored by Brandy's 1995 song "Best Friend," "NEW @brandy TATOO BY ONE OF THE GREATEST!! @_mashkow_ - IM GETTING MY WHOLE LEG TATTED WITH- MUSIC- LOVE - SCRIPTURES - THE VOCAL BIBLE - FAMILY - GHOSTS - POSITIVE WORDS AND THEMES - REAL GOTHIC LIKE — “THE HOLY LEG! “ - GONNA TAKE A MINUTE!! But I got the best doing it !! STAY TUNED!! - FULL LEG TATT — I had to start with my best friend!!"

Brandy reacted to Ray J's new ink in the comment section.

"Brooooooo," she wrote along with four heart emojis.

While Brandy seemed ecstatic about the tattoo, many people on social media commented with confusion.

"Why Ray J’s tattoo of Brandy look like that," one Twitter user posted. "IT’S HORRIBLE. It looks like when kids, or Dr. Heavenly, scribble on somebody face they don’t like."

"What in the fuck would Ray J get that tattoo of Brandy like that?! Looking at that tattoo gave me chills and very much demonic vibes. I can't believe a person would walk away with that type of energy on them," another person questioned.

"I may be the only one who likes Ray J’s Brandy tattoo," someone else offered.

Ray J has been in the news a lot recently following his struggle performance at the most recent Verzuz hits battle, which Brandy weighed in on. He later gave a hilarious explanation for the fumble and committed to taking vocal lessons.

See Ray J's New Brandy Tattoo and Reactions Below

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