Former Pro Superbowl Champion Ray Lewis has always been outspoken when it comes touching on subjects that may be close to home. So we should all know that there has never been a issue from being lost on any words. There has been alot of young crime within the black community and there are a few people that speak on it, but for the most part the word is hush. Now obviously we don't want to have lives lost and with the issues of policemen causing crimes, it seems to be front of mind.

But this video really touches on everything that is going on in the world. As a matter of fact just over the weekend there was a murder in my hometown where a 21 year old was gunned down. This is an ongoing thing and families are being affected on a regular basis. I am hoping that we can get some type of resolution on this and cease with all of the gunplay. Ray Lewis released a heartfelt video that I think you should take a little time to hear.

Ray Lewis discusses the Crime in the Black Communities and more:

I don't totally feel that crimes in the black community are being overlooked as there are those who are looking to do better. But I do feel like the video creates dialogue amongst people who are decision makers in the community. Do you agree with the video or not and why?