I was sitting here working on today and someone is even more excited then me about finding new music is my son Kameron. He shot me a text and in all caps said that he found a new artist on Soundcloud. I replied who and without a second, he said Bryson Tiller.

While doing a little searching, I saw that the artist is going to be the latest artist cosigned by producer Timbaland. With big stamps like this, it's only a matter time before Bryson Tiller is taking over the charts with music for his over 31, 000 Twitter followers. I Ran across his latest visual video for the single "Don't" and from the sounds of it, he's got a winner here.


 Bryson Tiller- "Don't":


The guy is a talented young man and I am sure with this new edge sound, he is going to be around for awhile. I am hoping to be able to lock down an interview with him shortly and really get a chance to introduce him the our wonderful city of Lake Charles and beyond. Be on the lookout for more music from him in the near future as he is well on his way.