Today in Tha Wire a record label files suit against FOX claiming they had the name Empire first, plus Rich Homie Quan assaults a security guard at a Miami club.

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Empire, is a famous name these days thanks to the hit FOX TV drama starring Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard. You would think any business with the same name would appreciate the new hype.  But you'd be wrong.  Not everybody's excited about the Empire frenzy, namely a record label that's sharing the name.

Matter of fact according to TMZEmpire Distribution ain't trying to share the name Empire at all.  Instead the label claims the name was theirs first and if the network wants to use the name, then they should be paid for it. So, they filed a lawsuit.

Michael Hobbs with Troutman Sanders LLP, the law firm representing label says they've reached out to Fox on several occasions to try and resolve the issue, adding “The only alternative with which we are left is to litigate, which we will do vigorously to protect our client’s valuable rights.”

To that, the FOX network responded with counter suit looking to get the case thrown out.

Finally according to TMZ, rapper Rich Homie Quan is a wanted man.  It seems the rapper was feeling some type of way, when a Miami security guard told him he couldn't enter a Florida hot spot.  Reportedly, Quan and his crew attempted to enter through a VIP entrance at Miami’s Club Liv at the Fontainebleau, but security told him to pump his brakes because the club was a capacity.  That didn't sit well with Quan and after the rapper hit him with the "do you know who I am?"  He physically attacked the man.

AllHipHop reports a Miami Beach Police report says that Quan punched the security guard twice, breaking his nose and busted his lip.  The security guard told police that one of Quans entourage members took a cheat shot and bashed in the back of his head.

Obviously, Quan and his crew left before police arrived and according to witnesses they did so by speedboat.  TMZ reports Miami police are looking for the rapper.  It's definently not a good look for the rapper.  I'll keep you posted if any further developments arise.

In the meantime, listen to Tha Wire for more details on the lawsuit over the Empire name. You'll never guess how much Empire Distribution wants from FOX to pay for the name. Plus find out legendary music artists are celebrating their birthdays today.

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