One of my favorite shows back in the day Man Vs Food with my guy Alan. The show ended and many wonder how a guy could actually eat that much food from all over including big burgers, giant pizzas and hot wings. So when I saw this clip of Redman doing the Hot Ones with Complex, I had to post it.


I love wings like the next person, but I have to admit I am not adventurous to try to really hot wings like some are. Apparently this is a interview session and in the process each person must eat a wing with sauces that get hotter as you go along. There were moments where the heat snuck up on him during the interview and some moments where I actually got a little worried. Check out the clip below of the hilarious interview with some pretty funny moments.


Redman battles questions and hot wings:


Still one of the coldest in the game, check out his latest video where he shows his love for the good green and also shows off his skills in the studio and on the mic.


Redman- "Nigga Like Me"

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