Eminem might be the favorite rapper of millions of people across the globe, but Marshall Mathers himself is one of the biggest fans of Redman. The Newark MC speaks with BET in a new interview, where they ask him his thoughts on Eminem's recent BET freestyle, which is a diss towards President Trump.

While the freestyle has stirred up some controversy and a lot of conversation online, Redman praises the Marshall Mathers LP 2 rapper for stepping up to use his voice. He first explains that Eminem does things to make a statement, and this particular move was one of his best statements yet.

"I called Eminem yesterday. I talked to Em yesterday. Yesterday was his birthday. Happy birthday again, Em," Redman shared. "I talked to him for about a half hour on the phone. [Maybe] 20 minutes and shit, and we had a good fucking convo. You know he just...I didn't look...the delivery was great to me. It wasn't bad. I didn't read the comments like I said, but what I saw from it and talking to him yesterday on how...when Eminem do something, it's not just a song. It's not just a freestyle. It's a statement. Even the way he talks, it's a statement. He talks to state things. Not just to be talking shit. Not just to have a gang of words come out your mouth and not mean it. He likes to get the point across the board heavy. Just as I do."

He then goes on to dive into the freestyle itself, saying that Em used his platform as a White artist to represent hip-hop. He praises him for using his power for something important, and even encourages everyone to respect him for what he did.

"I watched that BET cypher, and I'm like, 'Wow,'" Redman explained. "Eminem could have went up there and blacked out all rhymes, with flows, and killed that shit. But he felt as a person of his color to represent us on BET with a rhyme addressing the President. Y'all gotta understand that, alright? He's not Black. He's White. We all know that. But he has power, and he used his power on that BET cypher to make a statement for us as well, as a people. As all of us as a people, but especially for us. And everyone, anyone, should respect that man for that because he didn't have to do it."

See Redman's full statements about Eminem's BET freestyle in the video below.

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