Today in radio was by far one of the hardest days for me. We lost another musical legend and I lost someone who I listened to growing up and loving. Prince Rogers Nelson passed away today at the age of 57 years old. I have to admit it was almost like he was supposed to live forever. He was always on the cutting edge of music and would set trends that alot of artist are trying to mimick today.


Hearing the news today about an artist who many of us loved from way back in the day to now was hard. Prince has literally influenced all forms of music from rock, pop, urban, hip hop and believe it or not gospel. He has directly and indirectly influenced artist like Janet Jackson, Sinead O' Connor, The Bangles, The Time and more. Ironically last week his plane had an emergency landing due to an issue with the flu. It was assumed by everyone that he would be ok and be back out on the road again soon.


Today the man we all knew and loved was silenced. While his music will live on. We won't get the opportunity to see him live in concert anymore. I am sure there is alot of music that will be released, but it's still not the same. I want to say that I loved Prince and there is no doubt about it that he is going to be missed. Take a look at some of the classic videos that will take you back down memory lane.



Prince and Lenny Kravita performing "American Woman":


Prince - "Cream":


Prince- "Do Me Baby":


Prince- "Rasberry Beret":


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