This date will always be one that stands out. I don't care how many years pass, this will always be at the top of my mind when September 11th comes around. I was just moving here to Lake Charles, I was almost a year into marriage and all we had here was each other.


I had just gotten in to work on that day and everyone was glued in to the television. Out of all the days, it initially started off rather peaceful and I decided not to turn the radio on that day. I have to admit I have not gone with my radio silent since then. So obviously when I got to work I was oblivious as to what was happening in New York. Of course once I settled down, I saw the tragic news that had the entire world at a stand still.

September the 11th footage:


This was the first time I didn't feel safe in the United States. If someone could do this to my wonderful place that I called home. What was the world coming to? Here we are fourteen years later and it's still fresh on my mind. Since then we have had senseless violence on men and women at the hands of our law enforcement who are people that we trust. We have also had crime against our law enforcement as well as in our churches of all places. So is the world any safer then it was on September 11th, 2001? It's really kind of hard to say, but the fact remains that we have to be confident in our system that we are protected from anything like this happening to us ever again.



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