Rev Run who along with his better half DMC and one of the hottest dj's out Jam Master Jay ran hip hop in the eighties. Being a person who loves music and especially hip hop. I love to see the way that Run- DMC killed it on stage and on television.

They were one of the few first hip hop artist to break onto MTV and still has albums selling like crazy. While they haven't been working together alot lately, there music is still relevant and Run became a Reverend and had offspring who became pretty famous in the entertainment field.

Rev Run had a show called "Run's House" which did well on MTV for years and his daughters Angela and Vanessa became pretty popular in the fashion world, while his son Diggy Simmons has had a pretty decent career as well. Recently rapper Yo Gotti dropped his hot single "Down in my DM", and mentioned wanting to be in Angela Simmons DM, Rev Run stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about that statement and more. Check out his recent visit with The Breakfast Club as they talk music and more.

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