There aren't too many rappers around with a stronger beard game than Rick Ross. Now, the rap mogul continues to expand his  empire beyond music, this time into the world of grooming. The only real question here is, what took him so long?

The Miami rapper is set to release a new line of grooming products called RICH. Lucky for resident beard gang members, you don't actually have to be rich to afford the products, which range in prices from $12.99- $15.99.

According to The Cut, the collection will include a beard oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair and body wash, styling gel, shaving cream, aftershave balm, classic pomade and styling wax. As an added bonus, hemp seed oil will be included in every product. And to enhance what Rozay says is the "boss experience," there will also be Champagne extract, and caviar extract included in each product as well.

So, why exactly is Champagne and caviar included in the products, aside from the fact that it sounds cool? Well, specifically, the Champagne extract has an anti-aging component, caviar moisturizes and protects against UV rays, and hemp soothes, plumps, and moisturizes. Now doesn't that just sound sophisticated?

The collection will launch in limited qualities this May, and will be available nationally in July.


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