Well besides the fact that Beyonce bodied the internet and television with the release of her new album "Lemonade" which was exclusively available only on Tidal. The album has now been officially added to Itunes and the now everyone has access to get the new music. Beyonce is known for dropping surprise albums and this is nothing but the icing on the cake. Well also over the weekend we still mourned the loss of musical icon Prince who passed away suddenly on Tuesday April 21st and we are still remembering the great man.

But later on that day we all got a treat with the release of the interview with The Breakfast Club and Birdman. Although Birdman has apologized for his antics. Alot of folks want to know what the issue was and why he was as upset as he was. Well during the brief interview Charlamagne mentioned the names of Trick Daddy and Rick Ross which sent the interview into an entirely different temperature. Well today Rick Ross who has proven that he is the boss and has shown in more ways then one why he is. He graced Charlamagne The God with several cases of his Belaire Rose which I am sure will be spread evenly with the crew on the show. Check out the video below for your pleasure.


Rick Ross sends cases of Belaire Rose to Charlamagne The God:

If this keeps up, it seems like Charlamagne will soon be able to open his own liquor distillery. But as I always say, hope cooler heads will prevail. All of these men are to old to be trying to show boat and prove whose the bigger man. They were all cool at one time or the other, so let's hope that things will work out for the better.

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