I have never been a fan of snakes. While I understand that they have a purpose in life, I would prefer that purpose not involve me. I respect anyone who has snakes as pets, but I will not be making any kind of purchases in the near future. I remember several years ago a guy that I worked with bought a snake and wanted me to go to a pool party with him. I actually got in the car with him and that 20 minutes seemed like it was two hours. He had the snake around his neck and it seemed like every corner turned, the snakes head was coming my way.


We all know radio personality Rickey Smiley who has his own talk show and reality television show as well. He recently had a snake trainer bring a snake by the radio show as they were also filming for "Dish Nation". The character in the skit was Porsha Williams from "Real Housewives of Atlanta", and although I think she took it over the top. I would have possibly reacted the exact same way. Check out the hilarious clip from the show.

Porsha Williams' Reaction To This Snake Is Hilarious While Filming Dish Nation with Rickey Smiley Official FanPage; View These Best Look Photos: http://hotspotatl.com/playlist/the-best-looks-from-rhoa-porsha-williams/item/3431742/

Posted by Hot 107.9 on Thursday, April 23, 2015

This was something that I never hope to do. I don't own snake skin shoes, belts and would never purchase anything that would have a snake with it. And while I will say that this clip was too funny, they can have the snakes. I know my friends at Moody Gardens are waiting for it to warm up a little so that they can possibly bring one down from their resort. Let's just say that they will not be able to find me on this day.

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